I have NEVER experienced such amazing customer service for any issue!

I have rarely experienced a situation where I was left stranded in my vehicle because of icy roads. It is a scary thought to think of being helpless and abandoned. Well, this happened to me TWICE in one weekend. As luck would have it, Rivers Edge sent Dave there to assist me both times. My car is a heavy one (BMWx5) and I was very concerned that, with the conditions, he might not be able to pull it back onto the road without harming it. But Dave was ingenious! He chained the tow truck to a tree, winched my car up and got it safely back on the road. Because of the road conditions I decided to stay overnight and try to return to Portland the next day. Unfortunately, I went ‘off road’ again the next morning at the same exact place. Well…once more Dave showed up! After he had his laugh at my expense he assured me that it would be easier, this time, to pull my car back onto the road. Once the car was in position to be driven out he offered to drive it down the treacherous part of the road and walk back to the tow truck. I have NEVER experienced such amazing customer service for any issue, let alone when my transportation home was in jeopardy. This letter is way overdue, but I continue to reminisce about this story with others

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